Book feelings

book cartoon
That feeling you get when you finish a book..

(Source: sarahseeandersen, via sarahseeandersen)

I see these cartoons all over Pinterest and Tumblr; Sarah Anderson is one seriously talented person. This cartoon speaks to me on a spiritual level though haha. There have maybe been 1 or 2, maybe 10…probably more… books that have made me either a. curl into a ball and lament that I’ve finished reading it or b. lay facedown on the floor groaning like Tina Belcher (please please please tell me someone gets that reference). As much as that gut-punch feelings hurts, there is still something awesome about the fact that you just read something so powerful that it makes you feel like that. So I still count it as a win in my book.

I think the most recent book I read that made me feel like that was The Smokejumper by Nicholas Evans.

Have you read any books recently that made you feel like that?


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