First watch the (fan made) trailer if you haven’t yet.


THE SERIES OF UNFORTUNATE EVENTS IS GOING TO BE A TV SERIES. I know that this is old news but nevertheless, still exciting to yell from a rooftop. Or silently yell from my couch. You can guess which applies to my current situation.

There are a lot of emotions a reader is flooded with when they discover that one of their favorite childhood books is finally getting the screen treatment it deserves (even though this certain someone doesn’t hate the movie as much as others do, but that’s a different post). I think I was sitting on the couch, scrolling through Buzzfeed or Facebook on my phone when I came across the announcement and subsequently squealed. I had to share this news with someone! Anyone! My sister happened to be home so I told her, and got an incredibly underwhelming response. Ugh, she didn’t understand. The Series of Unfortunate Events is one of the most confusing, thrilling, and sneakily mysterious book series ever written. Lemony Snicket is basically an evil genius, with a typewriter. On that note, does anyone else imagine him hunched over a typewriter, murmuring to himself, while writing the series? No? Just me? Okay then. I’ll just…go… over here…

There is always an awkward, tense phase between hearing that there is going to be a series and when the cast is announced. The awkwardness stems from the fact that you are super excited about the news of the series, but then also super nervous that the casting will not align with your dream casting and you will be eternally disappointed. Sometimes you get lucky, the starts align, and (poof) the perfect cast appears. Other times you get let down, but power through because you love the series so much.

The casting list was released a few months ago and PopSugar has a good little overview of the cast members that have been announced so far here. I am probably the most excited about Neil Patrick Harris playing Count Olaf (even though Jim Carey was brilliant in the movie). I’m not familiar with the actress and actor playing Violet and Claus but they look pretty darn good fits. Needless to say, I am stoked for this series to be released. Thank you Netflix for making my dream come true.

The release date is getting closer and closer! Probably sometime between September and December 2016. I am READY to binge watch this baby.


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