Holy crap. I just finished reading Gone Girl by Gillian Flynn and wow. I knew it was a suspenseful book but it really went above and beyond that qualifier. I will keep this post curse word free, but just to let you know, the best way to describe this story is with curse words.

I love a good plot twist and Gone Girl definitely had that. I would probably have to put it up there with the twist in Life of Pi. I don’t read the suspense/thriller genre very often so I wasn’t really sure if I would ever read this book. Somehow I managed to not be spoiled since the movie came out in 2014 and I am grateful for that. I wouldn’t have read the book if I knew any of the spoilers.

I will never re-read Gone Girl (it was enough of a mind melt the first time), but I am glad I read it and I definitely understand why it got a movie deal and captured the nation’s attention.




If you are reading this, then you have either already read/seen Gone Girl or don’t care about getting the story spoiled for you.

So. The secret/fake diary thing that Amy did actually made me gasp. I was completely manipulated by her stories. I was sure that Nick had killed her in that first part of the book. Then we find out that she is alive and orchestrated all of this over a whole year! I don’t know if she is a sociopath or a psychopath or something else. She is abusive, controlling, and seems to lack empathy or really any kind of genuine emotion except vindictiveness. She isn’t just a bad person, I think she is supposed to be actually mentally unstable somehow. I would be interested to see what she would be diagnosed with. Her IQ must be off the charts. She was always so many steps ahead and constantly thinking.

The ending of the story was definitely not what I was expecting. I was really hoping she would get what she deserved. I either thought Nick would actually end up killing her, or she would end up in therapy or jail. Not free to live her life and have a baby! I was not happy with that being her “precaution”; it is such a twisted thing to do. Which, therefore, made it exactly something she would do.

Amy is one of those characters that fascinates you but also repulses you. If I were to redo my Top 5 Favorite Villains post I would put her at #1. I am glad that characters exist like this in fiction, but I am deeply unsettled thinking about the fact that people exist like this in reality as well. Hopefully I only ever run into them in books and not my own life.

I do want to watch the movie now. So I can see what parts were changed or added.

What did you think of Gone Girl? Did you see the twist coming?


One thought on “Book thoughts – Gone Girl

  1. I read Gone Girl in January of last year and really enjoyed it aswell. I wasn’t spoiled or anything but the fact that peope were like OMG THE PLOT TWIST, made think of all the absurd ways the story would twist. I came pretty close to the actual thing which made it a little less shocking. It still managed to surprise me a bunch of times though. I never expected her to be capable of all of the things she did. The ending was pretty satisfying to me personally. I enjoy being left to wonder what happens after and don’t enjoy it when every thing ends up too ‘perfect’. And I think the ending is pretty realistic, I don’t think Amy would be caught for everything very easily. She really covered her tracks. Anyways, a great book to discuss! 🙂

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