Holy crap it’s day eleven! (if you understand this reference please be my friend)


Thank you Swetlana @ The Caffeinated Bookworm Life, for sharing the 12 Days of Blogmas book event! The idea is to post every other day between December 2nd and December 24, so that you can have fun with some Christmas book posts and look back on what you read in 2017.

I am on Day Eleven: Top 11 Books Read In 2017 and it feels like a good wrap up for the year.

The Power made me think so much and I really loved that about this book. So many thoughts were swirling through my head the whole time I was reading, and I don’t think I will ever forget this book.

The Book of Dust is one of my favorites because it is a prequel to The Golden Compass which I ADORE, and it is a wonderful adventure back into that world. We get the chance to learn more about the characters from His Dark Materials, while being introduced to some compelling, new characters at the same time. I’m very excited for the continuation of this series.

Eliza and Her Monsters was such a great story and addressed mental illness and teenager-dom well. I also love the double meaning of the title. I got to read the first few chapters of this book before it was published and loved my sneak peak so much. I eagerly awaited the actual release and was so happy that the rest of the book lived up to my expectations.

To start with, the love story in Everything, Everything is so cute it hurts. I’m not usually a fan of teenage romances, but this one will always have a special place in my heart. Also, I did not see the twist coming at all, and it was a big surprise.

Ready Player One WAS AMAZING. All of the pop culture references blew my mind and the action never stopped.

Heartless had me on the edge of my seat until the very end and I could not put it down. I loved the Edgar Allen Poe meets Lewis Carroll vibe, and it is one of my favorite fairy tale retellings.

What I Was Doing While You Were Breeding made me want to live my life exactly how I want to, and not settle down. The book also made me want to take some risks, and travel all over the world. I think this is the kind of book I will reread at least once a year.

The Lunar Chronicles series made me swoon with every story. I love fairy tale retellings (I may have mentioned that 10-100 times on my blog…) and this series is the epitome of perfection. No love triangles but lots of love! Awesomely badass female characters! Cyborgs! The books really have it all.

I have always loved Anna Kendrick and her memoir Scrappy Little Nobody just cemented that love. The whole time I was reading I was thinking “how can I become her best friend?” because she is so delightfully relatable and so, so funny. I follow her on Snapchat, Instagram,and Twitter and she makes me lol daily. Her tweets are pure gold.

I read Fangirl after it had been hyped up for me quite a bit and I was worried it wouldn’t quite live up to expectations but it went above and beyond! The characters were relatable and the storyline was special while being realistic. This is my favorite Rainbow Rowell book.

I read the whole Shades of Magic series this year and omg it was enthralling. There was so much action and drama and I could not stop reading. The world that Schwab creates within the pages is so rich and came to life so vibrantly in my head. I wish the series hadn’t ended.

Questions for you:

Do you watch Doctor Who?

What genre are you usually drawn toward?

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12 thoughts on “12 Days of Blogmas – Day Eleven: Top 11 Books Read In 2017

  1. Oh gosh Eliza and her Monsters and Book of Dust are right at the top of my tbr- so glad you liked both of them!! And I loved Everything Everything and Shades of Magic! And I agree about the Lunar Chronicles being great with romances! Wonderful list!

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