Day Forty Four

Q: Do you take your own book photos?

A: I do! I haven’t taken any for a while though. I get into spurts of productivity with my bookstagram pictures then I leave it dormant for weeks. I have no sense of continuity. I love taking book pictures but I am always jealous of everyone else’s accounts. I don’t know how to put together a good “just throw it together” layout, and those are my favorites.

I should probably go take some pictures right now while there is actually some light outside…

Question for you:

Do you have a bookstagram account? You can visit mine at iamabookdrunkard

4 thoughts on “50 Day Bookish Challenge – Day 44

  1. I have given my instagram account over to my dog. It sounds silly, but on a bad day, it’s REALLY nice being able to just scroll down through there and look at a bunch of pups. (He’s @thegobester if anyone wants to check it out, lol!)


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