Day Forty Eight

Q: Worst book you’ve ever read?

A: The Scarlet Letter and Lord of the Flies are tied.

I’ve read The Scarlet Letter 2 or 3 times at this point thanks to being an English major, but it has never grown on me. I understand the point of the story but I just hated it so much, especially the first time I read it in high school.

Lord of the Flies probably deserves another chance because I think I was too young to really understand it when I first read it. But I remember thinking the characters were just awful so I don’t really want to read it again… *when I say awful I mean they are awful human beings, not awfully written.

Question for you:

What was the worst book you had to read in high school/college?

3 thoughts on “50 Day Bookish Challenge – Day 48

  1. I totally agree with you on The Scarlet Letter. I did not enjoy it, and it’s probably because it was taught in so many different classes. I actually enjoyed Lord of the Flies though, but I can see why someone might not enjoy it (especially when you’re younger). I didn’t read it until I started teaching , so that probably helped.

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  2. In school? Probably ‘Heart of Darkness’, though ‘Old Man and the Sea’ comes awfully close (I have no clue why people like Hemingway). Of book I’ve read on my own (and regretted), ‘1984’ and ‘A Confederacy of Dunces’ top the list. Ugh.

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