Book Recommendation – The Eyre Affair

The Eyre Affair by Jasper Fforde takes the phrase “escaping into a good book” quite literally.

The Eyre Affair is my favorite book. I love the story more than I can coherently express. There’s so much happening on every page. You like book puns? There are so many book puns. You like literary jokes and word play? Buddy, do I have some good news. How do you feel about chaotic evil villains and slightly batty uncles? Step right up, because I have a treat for you. Any fans of Jane Eyre? En-freaking-joy! And lastly, have you ever wanted a pet dodo bird? Well look no further my friend.

All of this and so much more lives between the pages of The Eyre Affair. Thursday Next is the main character and she’s a badass literary detective in London, tracking down book forgeries and pilfered manuscripts. Literature means a lot to the people who live in her alternate version of England. When characters start going missing from their books, most notably Jane Eyre herself, Thursday has to enter Brontë’s work to catch the super slick villain and set things right. If you love the vast world of literature and are as big a fan of word play as I am, this story is for you. Hopefully this has piqued your interest and you’ll dive into the crazy world Fforde has created.

Final question – Why is a raven like a writing desk?

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